Why Minerals are important?

Minerals are like spark plugs for our bodily functions.

Often nutrition labels talk about macronutrients - carbohydrates, proteins and fats behind the product.

Vitamins have certainly found recognition in the name of health supplements - I'm yet to find a single person who hasn't taken a single over-the-counter supplement during her/his lifetime.

But when it comes to minerals, most of them think they belong in the planet's earth's crust or the mines, rocks, soil etc- thanks to our primary school lessons.

As a health coach, I have even seen some of the faces light up when I talk about minerals in our body and diet.

It goes to say minerals lack the same attention that other nutrients receive maybe because our bodies need them only in micro quantities.

But as micronutrients, minerals have a vital time to play in many of our bodily functions.

For example, people with thyroid dysregulation know the importance of Iodine which is a trace mineral- trace suggests that the body needs Iodine only in traces, but notice when not available even in trace quantity, our thyroid gland cannot produce the thyroid hormone properly.

This only goes to evidence of how important these minerals are.

Micro but Mighty! Agree?

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