" Take time to craft your meals and build your plates!"

Contact Process
Use the Contact form to send me a message with your phone number and I will arrange a consultation time to have a chat to see if it is appropriate medically for us to work together.

This discovery call will last about an hour which I gather all your information to know what is your struggle and how I can support you in finding a suitable package.

This also will provide you with a chance to consult me with questions that you have.

MyN program 

Our nutrition program includes 3 Nutrition packages -Basic, Premium, and Advanced depending on how much support is needed. It is not one plan that fits all.

Basic is a 21-day group nutrition program that is designed to give you an overview of what is Mindful Nutrition.
  • It comes with weekly meal planners, grocery lists, recipe guides, and a progress-tracking guide to help you start.
  • There will be weekly coaching on how to apply mindful eating into practice.
  • Valid for 21 days
Premium Nutrition package runs in phases for 8 weeks in a group and individual setting.

It is designed for someone who needs more support and is particularly struggling with emotional eating, sugar cravings, body-image issues, dysfunctional blood sugar, wrecked metabolism, hormonal imbalance, perimenopause weight gain, post-baby weight, metabolic disorders like PCOS/PCOD/Thyroid, etc...
  • During phase one the program works the same as Basic, but it additionally comes packed with a personalised health plan, with weekly follow-ups.
  • In phase two a movement program is included that runs parallel to the nutrition program.
  • As the program advances into the last phase the clients are taught how to craft and build their meals with supporting resources to make them more independent of the program as they phase out of the plan.
  • Valid for 8 weeks

Advanced Nutrition package runs in more depth which is condition-specific and individualised from day 1 of the joining. 

This mainly lays more focus on nutrition and less on weight loss but with balanced meals balanced weight comes as a bonus. 

It operates differently from Basic & Premium. 

It is designed to fit the entire family's nutritional needs.

  • Individual Meal Planners are still provided on this plan that can be customised for the other family members.
  • Supplementation support where needed specifically will be provided.
  • Nutrition knowledge will be offered privately through Zoom sessions weekly.
  • Accountability and one-to-one support are at the heart of this program.
  • Valid for 12 weeks

What are the Costs?

As much as I hate to put a price on my program as I do not want my coaching and your health to be seen as a cost, I have kept the costs at a bare minimum so every woman can avail of this program and not see it as cost- prohibitively expensive. 

It is an investment in YOU and there should be no price tag for health! 

But, nothing that is ever provided free has any return, remember your Starbucks or one hair salon visit? How much do you spend?

So, the real question is "How much do you value yourself and what is the cost of not investing in your health?"

✅Basic is priced at £35 in a group setting and £95 for 1-1 in-depth support.

✅✅Premium is priced at £147 in a group setting and is different for 1:1 which ranges as per the need.

✅✅Advance is priced variedly depending on the specific condition and can be paid in installments.

Please give me a call to discuss the payment options further.

Please Note that prices change with offers and time. So, invest timely!

In a nutshell, these nutrition programs provide science-backed knowledge and evidence-based tools to support you to nourish your body and lose weight without following the diet culture, without having to restrict or count calories.

As a woman, I know you are the one who runs the show by putting everyone and everything in front of you.

I also know that while you want to give your best, you also have this need to look your best.

And as long as that need is there, half the job is done.

As I have recognized some women have given up saying "Nothing can be done".

So, as long as you are willing to change that "I give up attitude", I can work with you. 

If you want to lose fat, and nourish your body by ditching the diet culture then welcome to become your food therapist.

Please do get in touch to arrange for a free discovery call using the contact button.