It's my mission to support women to ditch the diet culture and find peace around food.

It all started with my mother's health with no proper guidance coming from the medical fraternity to manage her illness other than asking her to eat HEALTHY.

She first lived with PCOS, then she met with (uterine fibroid-related) early hysterectomy, then she battled with type-2 Diabetes & finally gave up to Breast cancer.

One after the other, she went through surgeries; hysterectomy, lumpectomy, mastectomy, and reconstruction, and we still lost her.

We have seen her through chemotherapy, radiotherapy, several hospitalisations, medicines and procedures.

But one thing she would always come back to was not knowing what to eat when to eat and how to keep her blood sugars stable.

Hi, I'm Haseen!

I am the founder of Mind Your Nutrition.  

I am a fully qualified CMA-approved practitioner who specializes in Mindful Nutrition.

In my twenties, I was diagnosed with PCOS and an auto-immune skin condition which some of the doctors thought was Psoriasis, others confirmed it was just a skin rash.

My grandmother had a holistic approach to health.

She always looked for alternative therapies to treat herself with many illnesses and discomforts.

She had 9 children and never went to the hospital for any of the childbirths.

Her simple understanding was health starts in the stomach which we now refer to as the gut!

She emphasised that we as humans carry a lot of emotional baggage in our middle and it shows.

I, as a teenager, had seen what my mother went through under limited medical facilities.

The only solution to her heavy periods was a full hysterectomy at a very young age and that led to her early old age.

So, I knew there should be a way out.

Despite my struggle with my health, I never wanted to take contraceptives to regularise my periods at the age of 15 and Google was an unheard-of term in those days.

The best part was I thought PCOS was just like an ordinary illness like the flu, which comes and goes.

And my mother always rescued me with sesame seeds and jaggery that helped with the onset of the cycle which was a relief, not a remedy!

Later on, as life happened, I went to the University, to catch up with my bachelor's and then master's and got caught up with building a career and finding a partner.

By that time, I had gotten used to living with PCOS and still managed my symptoms without any medications.

I thought I was lucky.

Soon, after my marriage, I had to relocate to the UK to join my husband.

No! I didn't have any complications in becoming a mother to my beautiful children.

This time my doctor thought I was lucky!

After pregnancies and Ceasarians, my weight started to shake off within a few weeks to a few months without any extra effort on my part.

This time around, all others too thought I was lucky.

Following relocation, career break, career change, childcare, visa limitations, work permits, etc. I finally set my mind on finding some work for myself.

I even went to College and added some more new UK qualifications with an anticipation of a good career.

My mum's illness back home started to get out of shape with each passing year.

Here, despite my trying hard at work, my interest always went back to finding the answer to that one question- What to eat and when to eat?

We lost mom! 

I quit whatever I was doing and retrained myself in Nutrition.

While I was studying nutrition, I realised that the root cause of every ailment my mum went through was "Insulin resistance and Estrogen dominance" which was never addressed by the doctors.

What occurred to me was that one practice that has kept me lucky for all the years without any adverse effect on my life and my health is all due to my one simple habit- eating mindfully.

As a Certified Mindful Nutrition Coach, this is exactly what I help women with.

I believe in healing the body naturally and holistically and extra weight is not healthy.

Food can help or hinder! 


I believe in a simple philosophy about health, focusing on nutrition and not on avoiding disease.

Let's eat like our grandparents ate- a balanced mix of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in the right portions.

So, Yes to millets, lentils, whole grains, and ghee.

How do I work and what does my nutrition plan include?

I have a distinction in Mindful Nutrition, which is accredited by the CMA.

I use MCBT and functional medicine within my practice and work closely with my clients to readdress and assess their relationship with food.

I provide targeted nutritional support that addresses the whole body and does not just attend to a symptom.

So, we take all aspects of the body including inflammation, gut health, metabolism, hormones, sleep, emotional eating, movement, etc into consideration. 

I have learnt that we cannot treat a symptom by ignoring the whole body.

I spend a good few hours gathering every piece of the puzzle learning about the above-mentioned aspects of my client's life that could help me complete the puzzle for them.

About Mind Your Nutrition Program

MyN- the program includes 3 packages based on how much support is needed.

In a nutshell, the program provides science-backed, evidence-based knowledge with tools to support you to nourish your body and lose weight without following the diet culture and without having to restrict or count calories.

Coaching to shift the mindset – A healthy body first starts in the mind and then enters the kitchen.

I support all my clients with weekly coaching to make small positive changes to shift their mindset as it is a bigger part of this program's success.
We learn ways through which the clients start to reconnect with their bodies, by removing the anxiety and guilt around food and replacing them with kindness and rewards.

Nutrition advice To change one's mindset is a lifelong journey. 

Nurturing new habits takes time. But, with the right guidance and approach, one can accelerate the process and reminders certainly help.

Although I don't believe in giving them fixed recipes, I do model the meal planners as a guide to teach them their portion sizes.

All meal planners are designed individually to suit their health and circumstances.

A good meal planner ticks all the boxes like balancing/ lowering blood sugars, promoting healthy hormone function, and losing weight sustainably.

They are packed with a variety of easily available ingredients, seasonal and local.

My clients eat real food made with natural ingredients and I don't restrict or count calories instead they learn their portions. 

The weight starts to naturally rebalance itself once the overall picture starts to come together. 

Supplement advice – Due to the excessive farming methods, our soils are depleted of the minerals that are essential to complete the formulation of the amino acid in our bodies, and sometimes due to a fatty liver or a leaky gut, our absorption of these nutrients can also compromise our overall nutrition. 

Hence, often our bodies need a bit of extra help. 

But I don't recommend blind supplementing and I offer Mineral testing to remove the guesswork that confirms which nutrients are needed to function optimally. 

So, with that information wherever indicated, I do recommend supplements that are tested for quality and that are backed by research.

Lifestyle recommendations – Although Nutrition is 80% Exercise comprises the other 20% of the puzzle. 

A movement program is introduced alongside the nutrition plan to help them support their mental well-being improve their body confidence and up their metabolism. 

To complete that puzzle, I set achievable targets and smart goals for my clients by slowly introducing movement into the plan. 
I also teach them to take responsibility for their progress by giving them a sense of their SELF FIRST!

I also make them aware of how other contributing factors like water, sleep, screen, stress, and their monthly cycle can make a difference in weight gain or weight loss.

I share manageable tips to get to their goal which is health and not just a number on the weighing scale. 

Community & Events- A closed private WhatsApp and a Facebook group is made available where the members get to hang out with like-minded women. 

On-demand and periodic Zoom sessions on various topics, and Q&A sessions are arranged to further their support in achieving their goals.

If you want to lose fat, nourish your body, and ditch the diet culture, then you need to invest in the right education and that is the best investment you can make for your family.

"A fit man is a fit man, but a healthy and fit woman is a fit family."

Please do get in touch for a free, no-obligation chat about how you are feeling and how I may be able to help using the contact button below.