The work that I have done through this program is invaluable, it has helped me see food as nourishing, and becoming a mindful eater has benefited me in other areas of my life.  

Being an Asian and pre-diabetic I contacted Haseen to help me with my post-menopausal belly. I must say my weight started to shake off in the very first week with 1.4 kg down. 

She comes across as a very friendly coach who will hold you high up for your every little effort and yet is so professional at her work.

I highly recommend her program if you want to play a long-term game when it comes to sustainable weight loss.


Haseen got to the root cause of my emotional eating in a way that blew my mind. I have tried every weight loss diet available starting from Weight Watchers to Slimming World. 

Although I was practicing meditation and mindfulness for a long time, eating emotionally and sabotaging my efforts was my weakness. 

I joined Haseen's Nutrition Program group and learned about how mindfulness can be applied to mindful eating and that has changed the way I look and feel within myself. 

I no longer feel guilty about food and I am confident that despite not following the plan rigidly, I will not gain the weight that I have lost as I have been taught about my portion sizes, and thats the key to my sustainable inch loss.


Being an Asian and an emotional eater I was recommended to the MindYourNutrition program by a friend of mine who was looking radiant and happy in her skin after following her program. 

Glad, I joined the program and I no longer worry about what to eat to keep my cravings in check. Her recipes are designed to keep your blood sugars stable with an increase in energy without any restrictive dieting practices. 

I highly recommend Haseen, if you are looking for any Desi Nutrition who understands the Desi struggle that often Asian women go through when it comes to finding a nutritionist who understands your eating culture; who can help you sustain your weight-loss goals as the recipes are personalised.


I approached Haseen when I was struggling with my perimenopausal weight gain. I joined the Advanced package as I wanted someone to show me how to balance the family's meals as well.

Within the first week, my bloating started to disappear and I lost 3lbs with considerable inch loss. 

Her weekly lessons are easy to follow and her batch cooking concept for busy days has helped me enormously to plan my meals. 

Her coaching makes all the difference to your understanding about health that you will want to follow her advice and her recipes are so easy with everyday ingredients that I now actually look forward to cooking with her and my family enjoys my cooking now. Loving it!