Mindful Nutrition

"Mindful eating is a way to become reacquainted with the guidance of our Internal Nutritionist." 

- Jan Chozen Bays, a Mindful educator and a Zen teacher.

What is Mindful Nutrition?

Mindful Nutrition is a meditative eating practice where a person learns to eat mindfully by just being in the moment.

It is about nourishing one's body by employing all the senses without judging the taste, ingredients, cuisine type, cooking style etc.

Mindfulness has been around for as long as humanity itself. It is an ancient art of being present in the mind.

Eating mindfully requires oneself to be more body-aware, mind-aware observing how a particular food or a drink makes one feel-  the taste, the smell, the texture, the satisfaction, fullness level, emotions etc. 

To understand Mindful Nutrition, let's understand Mindless eating first.

Eating without thought! 

Eating when sad, eating when anxious.

Drifting from coffee in one hand to grabbing a cookie in another. Eating on autopilot, in the car, while watching Netflix. Sounds familiar?

Mindless eating has become a norm in our busy lives because of intrusive thoughts. 

We are constantly thinking!

Mindless eating can have a detrimental impact on our well being if we don't pay attention to how we are eating, why we are eating.

How does Mindful Nutrition help with weight management?

Mindful nutrition avoids overeating by getting oneself more attuned to the hunger signals and the body needs.

It teaches to regain fullness by eating slowly, savouring every morsel lending better control over the mind helping to stop when feeling full.

It sensitises one to reflect on why they are eating and what they're eating making them differentiate between physical hunger and emotional need thereby influencing their choice. 

It also brings a new perspective about the language around food helping women explore their relationship by connecting feelings with the food. 

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy is a technique that can help provide emotional freedom around food.

It is an individual programme that can help the people to deal with anxiety around food, manage stress around what to eat questions.

As a Mindful Nutrition Coach, In my practice, I  bring awareness and teach my clients how to apply these techniques to be emotionally independent and be in better control around food. 

I show them how to be their own food therapist by working on their mindset that lessens the addictive and self-destructive behaviour thereby impacting their weight loss goals positively.